The Disadvantages of Leg Lengthening Surgery and Risks

Limb Lengthening SurgeryThe leg lengthening surgery has become, for more and more people, a solution for changing their appearance. Growing taller has become something of major necessity, hence the turning to these medical alteration methods.

However, there are certain disadvantages to this surgery and certain risks that the patient exposes himself/herself to during a surgery like this.

The risk of infection

The risk of infection after leg lengthening surgery has reached the percentage of 4%. This percentage is smaller than the one noted by the removal of tarsal coalition surgery, which is 25-50%. This happens due to the inability of the body to adapt itself to the new system, thus leading to rejection.


The big problem of this solution is the price that the given patient has to pay for this surgical intervention. Besides the surgery itself, the price will be higher because of the medications needed and the possible risks and infections.

The time involved

In order to benefit from the effects of the surgery, the patient must have a lot of patience. Besides the period spent in the hospital, he has to add up the time spent with the device built on the leg, plus the time with the cast. When deciding to lengthen the leg, the patient must be aware that he will not be able to use time as he used to, which is definitely a downside.

The pain

After the surgery itself, the patient has to put up with the pain of the legs. This may derive in other problems such as: acute insomnia and nervousness/ laziness. The pain, in most of the cases, can become a mental state, and in many cases the patient regretting having the surgery.

The risk of having a second surgery

If the body of the patient did not welcome well the change or if certain operations have not been done properly, there is the risk that the patient might need another surgery. Besides the effort of the body to heal itself again, this surgery takes other financial sacrifices and additional time spent healing.

Therefore, this is how many risks and disadvantages come with this kind of surgery. All of this can be avoided through a good combination between physical exercise, nutrition and sleep.

The effects of the natural problem are always positive and imply no risks whatsoever. So before jumping on the surgery table, you should try the natural way of growing a few centimeters.

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Spine and Feet Influence on Growing Taller

Spine and FeetGrowing taller is seen as a natural process, which comes along and cannot be modified except at a young age when the body seems to be easily formed.

However, increasing in height does not only imply something that lasts during childhood or only until puberty. Even after the age of 20 people can still grow a few centimeters if they know on which part of the body to focus on and what kind of lifestyle is accurate for wanting things such as growing.

You want to grow taller but your dreams got shattered because of genetics, which was not very giving with you? That is not a reason to despair. Growth can happen! Genetics represents, indeed, a big part of growing, but height increase is not only determined by genetics. One has to consider nutrition, some physical exercise, sports, sleeping, massages etc.

With a well-focused attention and extra positive thinking, you can grow a few centimeters, leaving your friends surprised when they will see the results.

What do you need to know about growing taller?

When it comes to exercises, there are two parts of the body through which you can work on your growing. Those two are the spine and your feet. For each of these parts there are special exercises that determine their lengthening. In order to complete them, you need patience, perseverance and good thinking.

The spine and the process of growing

The spine is the structure that holds our body and it is formed by vertebrae. These vertebrae are different in shape, size and number and each of them form certain regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacra, coccyx. Between each two vertebrae there is a disk containing a fibrous cartilage and a central nucleus. The spine has a whole series of functions: it helps maintain balance, mobility, head support; it keeps us straight and standing.

The length of the spine can be modified by working on the disks between the vertebrae which become bigger or smaller, thus lengthening the spine. With age, the spine becomes smaller, which is why we should know these things and keep it healthy and in shape through physical exercise.

Feet and the process of growing

Feet have the main purpose of supporting the body and the happening of walking. A food is made of the tarsal bones, metatarsal bones and phalanges. The modification of the foot can be made by lengthening/ stretching the bones. This can be done either through a painful and expensive surgery or through intense exercise.

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Water – Vital for Growing Taller Naturally

water increase heightWater is the liquid that keeps the body in a good state. Either being consumed in its proper state or extracted from other elements, water is in charge of the well-being of our body and organism. Without water, our body would be confronted with severe digestive, respiratory and circulation problems.

The human body is 70% represented by water. Thus, a person that weights 60 kilograms is 41 kilograms water.

Water – prevents self-poisoning

Without water in our body, it would not be possible to eliminate the residual substances out of the body. Thus, we would poison ourselves with our own residues. Once toxin free, our body uses its energy to balance its immunity and determine cellular regeneration.

Water – prevents dehydration

Besides from being a cleaner for the body, water also helps the adjustment of the body. Without the minimum daily water consumption, our body gets to go into chronic dehydration. Most of the people do not consume the minimum quantities of water, and the liquids considered water substitutes are terribly harmful such as: coffee, sodas (coca-cola and not only) and alcohol.


Thirst is not a phenomenon that lacks logic. Thirst is an alert transmitted by our body when certain cells lack the necessary quantity of water. These cells let the brain know what they need, and the brain gives the sensation of thirst and it obliges us to drink water.

Thirst can camouflage as hunger between meals. It will go away as soon as you drink a glass of water.

Lack of water determines a series of conditions such as: asthma, allergies, constipation, vascular problems, menstrual problems etc. These conditions inevitably lead to slowing down the growing process. In order to grow, the body must be in a very good state, not to have conditions that affect energy and take it for something else and not allow it to be used in the plan of healthy development.

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Human Growth Hormone – What You Should Know

Human Growth HormoneHuman growth hormone (HGH) is an element which is not absent in any body during its development. It represents a decisive factor in gaining a few centimeters, which is why it is very important to pay attention to it.

There are people who, due to various reasons (tumors, infiltrative reasons, traumatic, ischemic, infectious) are not able to produce the right amount of the growth hormone. This hormone, however, is vital for the body because it supports muscles and ligaments; it fixes articulations and it help the body develop until its maturity.  Not enough quantities of the hormone lead to significant complications for the body.

Growth hormone injections

In order to raise the quantity of the growth hormone in their bodies, many individuals get to use some chemical substitutes of the growth hormone. These substances usually play the role for the human growth hormone.

Among the first effects of the usage of these substances, one can see growing taller and putting on some weight. This weight is because bones get bigger and stronger. Also, muscles will grow because they will have to support the new weight of the bone system. Many people turn to this method of generating growth hormone because of the dissatisfaction of their height.

Still, there are some disadvantages to this procedure. The growth hormone leads to putting on some weight. This action has the reaction of giving you some health problems.

  • They are more exposed to endometrial cancer and breast cancer because the fat cells produce estrogen which is connected with tumors (according to the University of Texas);
  • Due to the weight gain, self-confidence will suffer, which can lead to many social problems;
  • The growth hormone can cause an accumulation of pore fluid in certain areas, causing swelling and pain;
  • Sometimes the joints and muscles can grow faster than other parts of the body, causing pain and irritation;
  • A high growing of bones can cause severe skeletal complications (arthritis, kyphosis or a humpback). Also, one can observe the enlargement of other parts of the body, such as internal organs: thyroid gland, heart – that can lead to heart affection;


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Connection Between Proper Breathing and Height Increase

height increase breathingBreathing seems to be such a natural thing, that most of us do not even pay attention to it. The process seems automatic, that does not need any alterations and its manipulation seems impossible. Well, it’s not like that!

Researchers proved that the things that we forget at birth are swimming and correct breathing. Certainly, both of them can be learned again, but the issue of correct breathing is ignored because it happens continuously. Almost no one, without a proper documentation, realizes the difference between correct and wrong breathing. People think we all breathe the same.

Correct Breathing influences height increase and makes our life longer

The studies of a famous university teacher revealed something extraordinary. It seems that meditative breathing has a great psychological effect on us, conditioning the health of the cells. He observed that people who meditate have a considerable longer life. This is because of proper breathing, superior lifestyle and nutrition.

It is highly recommended that we borrow all these things, especially breathing, factor that influences our health and we do not even pay enough attention to it.

Breathing contributes to our height increase because it offers our body the right oxygen quantity that it needs to develop harmoniously. Through correct breathing you will feel good, energetic and you will be able to finish all you have planned.

Which is correct breathing?

It may seem as a minor thing, but it is good to breathe correctly because if you don’t, your blood flow slows down which leads to less oxygenation for the organs and tissues. That is the reason why you may feel tired sometimes, even with proper nutrition.

Professionals consider that we breathe too fast and superficial. Instead of 15-18 breaths a minute, there should only be 10, but done properly, slowly and deeply.

Another mistake is that we expand our chest when we breathe in. actually, the stomach is the one that should be expanded. You have to use your diaphragm when breathing correctly.

Proper breathing – a medicine for you

Proper breathing is a strong weapon against daily stress and tiredness. Through breathing you manipulate better your emotions and you fill yourself with energy. Breathing is a good medicine because:

  • it has beneficial effects on your spine because it straightens it and it dispenses it from pain;
  • helps prevent constipation;
  • it oxygenates the brain and organs;
  • contributes to endorphins release, also known as “happiness hormone”;


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